TEFOR Fly Facility

TEFOR Fly-Facility is the microinjection and transgenesis platform at GReD, l’U1103 INSERM–UMR6396 CNRS, University of Clermont-Ferrand. TEFOR Fly-Facility was created in 2005 as Technological Platform of the European Network Myores. Growing interest in generation of transgenic Drosophila lines and high number of external requests lead to opening of Tefor Fly-Facility services, in spring 2008, to customers from outside the network.  The longstanding expertise  in transgenesis allowed to gain international visibility with referencing in « Ressources » web pages of the FlyBase, the major web tool and database of Drosophila research community. Finally from 2011, TEFOR Fly-Facility join the National Infrastructure Network TEFOR, with objectives to develop new tools based on transgenesis and genome editing approaches.

Microinjection and generation of transgenic Drosophila lines:

  • services open to scientific community and to private customers in France and in other countries according to specified packages at www.fly-facility.com web pages
  • technological survey in the field
  • collaboration projects with involvement extending the proposed services
  • technological and research consulting in the field

Transgenesis and microinjection

  • Training of PhD students, ERASMUS students, on transgenesis technologies and genome editing using TALE nucleases and CRISPR/Cas9

Genetic engineering

  • Generation of a new collection of transgenic lines for intersectional approaches

◊ conception and generation of genetic tools

◊ generation and maintenance of new transgenic lines

  • Development and application of knockout and knock-in approaches using CRISPR/Cas9 technologies

◊ tests of gRNA efficiency by direct embryo injection

◊ generation of gRNA transgenic lines

◊ setting of genotyping protocoles to identify transformants



  • Phenotyping of new transgenic line collections by imaging :

◊ conception and introducing high-throughput phenotyping pipeline

◊ generation of virtual embryo and image database

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