The governance of CELPHEDIA is provided by :

  • a Coordinating Office composed of the scientific coordinator and a project manager
  • a Scientific and Strategic Board composed of scientific experts in the relevant model organisms
  • a Board of Directors composed of all directors of partner centers
  • an Operational Commitee organized by workpackages around a set of common thematic areas shared by the partner centers

Coordinating office

CELPHEDIA Coordinating Office undertakes the coordination of the operational committee (pilots and members of the workpackages), in partnership with the Board of Directors. It makes the connection between the components of the infrastructure and coordinates the communication within the Operational Committee (horizontal communication) and to the various governance bodies (vertical communication).

Scientific and Strategic Board

The Scientific and Strategic Board defines the project's priority and assesses the infrastructure activities.  It takes account of the plurality of the constituent entities. The board is composed of scientific experts in the relevant model organisms: 4 members covering the 3 big families of model organisms (1 for non mammalians, 2 for rodents, 1 for non-human primates). That board suggests scientific and strategic orientations of the infrastructure to the Board of Directors.

Board of directors

The Board of Directors has final authority on management and coordination of the research infrastructure and is responsible for its scientific and strategic direction. That board includes all directors of CELPHEDIA partner centers, but also scientific managers.

Operational Committee

The Operational Committee is organised in working groups or work packages (=WP) divided under 4 major topics:

  • Management & Communication
    1.1 Coordination – Communication
    1.2 Operating statement - Administration
    1.3 Training
  • Genome modification
    2.1 Genetic engineering
    2.2 ES cells - Microinjection
  • Zootechnics, ethics & animal welfare
    3.1 Zootechnics
    3.2 Cryopreservation – Archiving
    3.3 Ethics and animal welfare
  • Phenotyping & multi-species approaches
    4.1 Rodent phenotyping
    4.2 Optical microscopy
    4.3 Multi-species projects

Pilots and members of these work packages (WP) belonging to "CELPHEDIA Network" are staff (researchers, engineers and/or technicians) from the partner centers of CELPHEDIA infrastructure, but also coming from the external scientific community. Every WP gathers all the network experts in their fields.

To pool all operating forces, CELPHEDIA Network will be open to the scientific community and to the most widely used animal models on scientific purpose, to build and drive actions on common topics. This network combines an appropriate technological dimension in direct contact with the animal models and a more strategical dimension thanks to a critical mass of expertise. This unique combination of expertise and skills enables CELPHEDIA Network to develop transverse inter-species approaches, at the level of both the technology and the study of human diseases, but also to harmonise scientific and administrative protocols and processes. In the end, the aim is to provide users with services specific to the network through CELPHEDIA gateway.