Seminar 2016

In 2016, the work groups of CELPHEDIA and ROCAD merged under CELPHEDIA Network to gather all our strength. CELPHEDIA Network is open to the scientific community and to the most widely used animal models for scientific purposes, in order to carry out joint thematic actions. This network combines a technological dimension suitable for direct contact with animal models and a more strategic dimension thanks to a critical mass of expertise. The merging of the work packages led to a rearrangement under 4 majot topics :

① Management & Communication
② Genome modification
③ Zootechnics, ethics & animal welfare
④ Phenotyping and multi-species approaches


The 2nd CELPHEDIA seminary will be held on November 3-4, 2016, at IGBMC-ICS in Illkirch, situated to the south of Strasbourg.

The goal is to rationalise multi-species approaches through the development of collaborative cross-center projects, in specialised technical domains such as transgenesis, phenotyping, imaging, zootechnics, archiving, but also in the frame of ethics, training, management and communication at a national level. During the seminary, work groups whose aim is to strengthen and promote this combination of skills, will present their current situation and prospects.