Seminar 2018


The CELPHEDIA meeting 2018 will take place from October 17th to 19th, at the IGBMC, in Illkirch (south of Strasbourg), .

As every year, Strasbourg will welcome all the actors of the 15 partner centers of CELPHEDIA Research Infrastructure, as well as the members of CELPHEDIA Network.

This year, CELPHEDIA will focus on the transparency of research using animals, during an inaugural session of conferences open to the local scientific public.


Gather the French scientific communities working on common themes and on different model organisms:

  • Genetic engineering and model creation
  • Hosting of different model organisms (aquatic vertebrates, rodents, non-human primates)
  • Ethics and animal welfare
  • Phenotyping (metabolism, cardiology, behaviour, immunophenotyping, oncology, imaging, etc...)
  • Archiving and cryopreservation techniques
  • Data storage
  • Regulatory training and continuing education
  • Multi-species approaches
  • Communication on transparency in animal research

During this plenary session, the working groups, whose aim is to strengthen and promote this combination of competences, will present their annual assessment and their perspectives.



October 17th (2p.m.-6p.m.)

  • Inaugural session on openness and transparency in animal-based research
  • Evolution of the French NC3R center project
  • Towards a review of the European Directive on genetically altered animals: restitution of the European working group
  • Murine models of autism and study of their social behaviour

October 18th (9a.m.-1p.m.)

  • CELPHEDIA Network workshops

October 18th (2p.m.-6p.m.)

  • Results of CELPHEDIA projects 2016-2017

October 19th (9a.m.-12p.m.)

  • Presentation of CELPHEDIA projects 2018
  • Restitution of CELPHEDIA Network workshops