Anexplo proposes a continuum of activities from the creation, functional exploration and phenotypic characterization (ex vivo and in vivo) to the archiving of rodent pathophysiology models. Anexplo also offers environments suitable for the exploration of pathophysiology of sheep, cattle, lagomorphs (rabbits) and birds (poles, ducks and turkeys). These integrated study models provide a better understanding of physiology and pathological dysfunctions in the fields of cancer, metabolic, cardiovascular, immunological and infectious diseases and genetics.

Anexplo's services are spread over the Toulouse university park:

  • Zootechnics : US006/CREFRE (Regional Center of Functional Exploration and Experimental Ressource) Inserm/UPS (Langlade, Rangueil & Purpan sites), IPBS/CNRS (Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology), CBD/CBI (Center for Developmental Biology and Center for Integrative Biology), ENVT, Faculty of Pharmacy and Nursery Prologue Biotech (Sicoval).
  • Transgenesis and Cryopreservation/decontamination : US006/CREFRE
  • Small animal imaging: US006/CREFRE (Langlade, Rangueil & Purpan), IPBS
  • Behaviour/Cognition: CBD/CBI
  • Phenotyping: US006/CREFRE
  • Microsurgery: US006/CREFRE
  • Histopathology: US006/CREFRE


The activities developed within the platform are:

  • Zootechnics: breeding and housing of rodents in biosafety levels  BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3, of sheep, cattle, lagomorphs (rabbit) and birds (poles, ducks and turkeys).  Implementation of experimental protocols on these different animal models in biosafety levels 1,2 and 3
  • Transgenesis/Cryopreservation/Decontamination: creation by additive transgenesis, archiving, exchange and decontamination of genetically modified mouse and rat lines, development of genetically modified aquatic models
  • Experimental microsurgery: production of surgical models in mice and rats
  • Functional exploration: haematological, biochemical, in vivo and ex vivo metabolic analyses, behavioural and cognitive studies, non-invasive imaging (ultrasound, NMR) and biphotonic intravital imaging
  • Experimental histopathology


Anexplo's objectives and missions are:

  • State-of-the-art services in the field of transgenesis, zootechnics and functional exploration of animal models, in particular with non-invasive imaging tools for small animals: CCD cameras (bioluminescence/ fluorescence), nanoSpect/CT, microTEP/CT and soon an MRI
  • Implementation of experimental procedures in cancerology and availability of 7 specialized laboratories of biosafety level BSL2 and BSL3, equipped with imaging (bioluminescence/ fluorescence), surgery rooms with volatile anaesthesia, means of phenotypic characterization of immunodeficient mouse models, sensitization of murine tumours to radiotherapy and vectorized internal radiotherapy
  • Methodological and scientific R & D in the fields of activities developed: see "R&D"
  • Training: see "training"
  • Participation in therapeutic innovation through the validation of predictive animal models and transfer of know-how to regional biotechnology companies ("humanized models", transgenic models)
  • Academic and private collaborations, national and/or European


The quality approach implemented within the platform has resulted in ISO 9001:2008 certification from June 2010 to June 2015 (Lloyd's RegisterQuality Assurance France S. A. S.), which is currently being renewed.

  • Creation of models by:
    • additive transgenesis
    • injection of ES cells
    • irradiation
    • transplant of organs or cells (microsurgery)
    • genetic crossings
  • Cryogenic preservation and decontamination of the transgenic lines
  • Imaging (gamma camera, echocardiography, intravital microscopy)
  • In vivo and ex vivo functional analyses
  • Producing, housing and breeding mutant lines in SPF conditions, experimentations within different confinement levels (1, 2 and 3)
  • Experimental protocols on rodents and mini-pigs

  • Training in Transgenesis, Cryogenic preservation, Microsurgery, experimental techniques (sample takings, anesthesia and surgery, Histology and Immunochemistry)
  • Master's degree of Bioengineering, Anatomopathology (of model animals) and Vectorology
  • Professional License of Physiopathology and Pharmacology of laboratory animals at Universities René Descartes (Lyon) and Joseph Fourier (Grenoble)
  • Training in biology and use of laboratory animals at Veterinary National School of Toulouse (level I and II)

Transgenesis, zootechny, cryoconservation and microsurgery

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