Simian Laboratory Europe (SILABE)

The SILABE platform (Simian Laboratory Europe) was created in January 2011, on the location of the Center de Primatology (University of Strasbourg) supporting academic research on behaviour and cognition of non-human primates (NHP). SILABE provides several services on non-human primate models to health and pharmaceutical industries and academic laboratories.

SILABE can host 1600 primates on a 7 ha site with housing infrastructures responding to European standards and offering an optimal environment in terms of animal welfare and scientific expertise. Nine species of non-human primates are represented, whose rhesus and cynomolgus macaques, vervets and marmosets, which are models used in biomedical research.  Groups of Tonkean macaques, capuchin monkeys and lemurs are dedicated to behavioural studies and comparative cognitive explorations.

The use of NHP in biomedical research is justified in the studies of human diseases, to learn more about their causal pathways, their development, their infectiveness and to develop therapeutic and preventive strategies.

A quality management system insures the adequacy of products and services proposed by SILABE, according to the ISO 9001 standards. The plaform is certified ISO9001 2011.

Through the Center of Primatology in Strasbourg, SILABE is involved in the activities of EUPRIM-Net II Project. This Project links nine European primate centers in order to combine their wide range of biological and biomedical R&D activities, their extensive knowledge and infrastructure resources, as well as their solid experience in primate housing and breeding.

Hosting and distribution of non-human primates

  • Production, hosting and supply of non-human primates (NHP): Cynomolgus monkey, Rhesus monkey, Marmosets, vervet monkey
  • Import of NHP and quarantine
  • Care of retired animals
  • Supply of biological samples (blood, plasma, bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid, serum, unrine, tissues, organs)

Designed studies

  • In vivo studies:
    ◊ surgery
    ◊ clinical biology
    ◊ histology / histochemistry
    ◊ imaging
    ◊ ophtalmology
    ◊ reproduction
  • Preclinical exploratory studies for health industries

Trainings in primatology

  • Pain management
  • Use of primates in biomedical research
  • Management of behaviour, environment and stress of primates in captivity


  • Nutrition
  • Reproduction
  • Enrichment
  • Training of primates to cooperate

Functional exploration of non-human primates

  • Behavioural assays on groups living in semi-wild areas
  • Development of exploratory tools for primates (telemetry, imaging, neurocognition assays, videotracking).
  • Comparative testing by software on aging

Metabolic diseases

  • Creation of NHP models for drug testings in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg
  • Natural observations of obesity and molecular assays

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