Transgénèse et Archivage d'Animaux Modèles (PHENOMIN-TAAM)

PHENOMIN-TAAM (The Transgenesis and Archiving of Animal Models) provides services for basic research, biomedical and pharmaceutical research covering the creation, transgenesis, health status monitoring, the cryopreservation, the revival, the genetic analysis and the functional imaging. PHENOMIN-TAAM encompasses 3 departments devoted to mouse genetics:

  • the Department of Transgenesis and Animal Testing (SEAT, Villejuif) dedicated to the creation of mouse models
  • the Center of Advanced Technologies (CDTA, Orléans) includes services for health status monitoring, genetic control, cryopreservation, decontamination, revival, and several breeding facilities with different level of confinement
  • the Small Animal Imaging Center (CIPA, Orléans) responds to the needs of the scientific community for 2D functional imaging under controlled health status and for 3D imaging.

  • CDTA:
    - breedings and distribution of transgenic and mutant mice in different states of health sanitary status conditions (SPF, SOPF, axenic, gnotoxenic).
    - health sanitary controls
    - cryopreservation
    - axenization/gnotoxenization
    - rederivation
    - distribution of strains available as live mice or mouse embryos
  • CIPA:
    - 2D imaging as X-ray Radiology, Scintigraphy or Optical imaging
    - 3D imaging: CT Scanner, 3D scintigraphy, Optical Imaging or Positron Emission Tomography


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