Transgenic Rats Immunophenomics Platform (TRIP)

Transgenic Rats ImmunoPhenomique-Nantes (TRIP-Nantes) is an academic platform devoted to:
◊ routine and customized creation of transgenic rat models
◊ immunophenomic of the rat

Being the only French academic structure for its expertise in rat transgenesis, the platform has developed for more than 15 years, transgenic models as well as Knock-Out (KO) and Knock-In (KI) models, for studies of human pathologies, genes and their specific biological functions. The immunophenomic aspects involve rat immunophenotyping, but also the production of human monoclonal antibodies using humanized rats for their immunoglobulin genes.

To generate targeted invalidations in rats, TRIP-Nantes was a pioneer in the development and the validation of innovative technologies: genes specific nucleases, ZFNs (zinc-finger nucleases), TALEs nucleases and meganucleases, as well as the production of human monoclonal antibodies using rats.

The platform, certified ISO 9001 :2008, is open to academic and industrial projects.

  • Routine and customized generation of transgenic rats by one-cell embryo microinjection of DNA or lentiviral vectors
  • Generation of KO rats by one-cell embryo microinjection of gene specific nucleases: ZFNs, TALE nucleases or meganucleases
  • Genotyping by classical PCR, quantitative PCR (qPCR), Southern blot
  • Identification of heterozygous versus homozygous genotype by qPCR
  • Identification of transgene insertion loci into the rat genome by LAM-PCR
  • Freezing of transgenic or KO embryos
  • Immunophenotyping and analysis of immune responses in transgenic and KO rat models (in vitro, in vivo)
  • Generation of human monoclonal antibodies

Training in transgenesis in the rat model

  • Transgenesis technologies in rat model :
    Upon specific request, Nantes
  • Organization of workshops

  • Development and validation of transgenesis technologies by TALE nucleases, ZFNs (Zinc-Finger Nucleases) or meganucleases  to create new KO models
  • Application of these methodologies to generate KI (Knock-In) rat models
  • Immunomonitoring of transgenic rat models

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