Supporting and training the users of CELPHEDIA is an essential objective among the missions of the Infrastructure CELPHEDIA. The centers offer a comprehensive range of training courses and workshops of interest to their users. The trainings are built on the expertise of the centers and contribute also to answer the core teams' needs.  The goal is to train and support the users for an efficient use of animal model organisms with respect to the Ethics and animal welfare.

Each year, new trainings are implemented to meet the needs of the scientific community: trainings in genetic engineering, phenotyping, cytometry, now given in English, a training on cryopreservation, immersion trainings in the use of the fish model, and of course the 3rd edition of the regulatory CNRS training session in English for staff developing experimental procedures and projects on "rodents".

Most regulatory trainings listed below are organized, either by the CNRS or within the framework of "CNRS Formation Entreprises". Whether CNRS trainings are limited to CNRS employees or non-CNRS employees working in a CNRS unit, "CNRS Formation Entreprises" is open to all trainees.

In 2017, the centers being partner of CELPHEDIA infrastructure provide trainings in the following areas (details on the "training" page of each center):

Regulatory trainings

The regulatory trainings to use animals for experimental purposes, either for staff developing (formerly Level I) or applying experimental procedures (formerly Level II) are conducted in accordance with the new European Directive 2010/63.

Regulatory trainings to use rodents for experimental purposes in 2017

◊ organizing centers and institutes: CE2F-PRIM for the CNRS, CNRS Formation Entreprises (CFE) and INSERM training sessions held in Marseille and around Paris (details on CE2F-PRIM "trainings" page), PBES (Plateau de Biologie Expérimentale de la Souris) in Lyon, the veterinarian college of Toulouse (ENVT), the veterinarian college of Nantes (ONIRIS), the University of Strasbourg (UdS), Pasteur Institute of Lille.
◊ most centers partner of CELPHEDIA contribute to the training courses

  • Developing experimental procedures on rodents (former level 1)
    ▪ Marseille : March 6-14 (CNRS), March 27 to April 4 (CNRS), May 15-23 (CFE), July 3-11 (CNRS in ENGLISH), October 2-10 (CNRS), December 11-19 (CNRS).
    ▪ Paris and outskirts : March 13-21 (CNRS), May 15-23 (CNRS), September 25 to October 3 (CNRS), November 13-17 (CFE), November 27 to December 5 (CNRS).
    ▪ Lyon : June 12-23 (AniRA-PBES)
    ▪ Toulouse : March 13-23 (ENVT)
    ▪ Lille : January 16-24, September 18-26 (Pasteur Institute of Lille)

  • Applying experimental procedures on rodents (former level 2)
    ▪ Marseille : March 20-24 (CNRS), September 25-29 (CFE), November 6-10 (CNRS)
    ▪ Paris and outskirts : April 24-28 (CNRS), June 12-16 (CNRS), November 6-10 (CNRS)
    ▪ Strasbourg : September 18-20 + October 9-11 (UdS)
    ▪ Toulouse : March 13-17 (ENVT)
    ▪ Lille : January 16-23, September 18-25 (Pasteur Institute of Lille)


Regulatory trainings to use non-human primates for experimental purposes in 2017
  • Developing experimental procedures on "non-human primates"
    ◊ organized by CE2F-PRIM with the contribution of the SdP
    ▪ Marseille : September 11-19 (CNRS)


Regulatory trainings to use aquatic vertebrates for experimental purposes in 2017
  • Developing experimental procedures on "aquatic vertebrates".
    ◊ organizing centers: CE2F-PRIM , ONIRIS in Nantes; contributing centers: TEFOR-AMAGEN, CRB Xénopes
    ▪ Marseille : February 16-24 (CNRS), June 19-27 (CFE), November 16-24 (CNRS)
    ▪ Nantes : June 12-20 (ONIRIS)


Regulatory trainings in surgery in 2017

Prior attendance to regulatory trainings for staff either developing or applying experimental procedures is required.

  • Regulatory surgery
    ◊ organizing center: CE2F-PRIM; contributing center: PHENOMIN-CIPHE
    ▪ Trainings in 2016: "CNRS Formation Entreprises" February 1-4 in Marseille, CNRS training sessions: February 8-11, March 29 - April 1st, April 4-7, December 12-15 in Marseille; INSERM training sessions: May 23-27, November 7-10 in Marseille.
  • General surgery
    general surgery of the laboratory animal (with an application in neurobiology) : general surgery module
    ▪ Toulouse : June 13-16 (ENVT, Anexplo)


Regulatory training specific to the transportation of animals in 2017

Non regulatory trainings specific to a model organism

Non-human primates models in 2017

general primatology in 2017 : SdP (June 6-9 in Rousset-s-Arc), SILABE (customized training)
primates in biomedical research : November 13-17, Strasbourg (UdS, SILABE)
behaviour, primate environment : April 24-26 - possibility to attend 1 or 2 of the three thematic days (UdS, SILABE)
◊ animal welfare and ethology : customized training in Rousset-s-Arc (SdP)
pain management : June 12-14 in Strasbourg (UdS, SILABE)
neurosciences : no specified dates, Marseille (CE2F-PRIM)
the marmoset in biomedical research : customized training in Strasbourg (UdS, SILABE)


Aquatic vertebrates models in 2017

breeding, behaviour and transgenesis of fish models (zebrafish, medaka) : March 28-31 or November 14-17 in Gif-s-Yvette (CFE, TEFOR-AMAGEN)
management of a fish animal facility (zebrafish, medaka) : immersion training in March, April, May or October in Gif-s-Yvette (CFE, TEFOR-AMAGEN)
injection and transgenesis of fish models (zebrafish, medaka) : immersion training in March, April, May or October in Gif-s-Yvette (CFE, TEFOR-AMAGEN)
◊ use of the xenopus model : customized training in Rennes (CRB Xénopes)


Mouse models in 2017

◊ technical trainings specific to the mouse model: genetic engineering, model analysis, phenotyping, embryology (see the "technical trainings" paragraph)

Trainings in zootechnics, on ethical and regulatory issues

Zootechny in 2017

sanitary: the isolator: a precious to work in a controlled microflora : March 9 in Orléans (CFE, PHENOMIN-TAAM)
◊ handling and care of animals : customized trainings, for primates in Marseille (CE2F-PRIM), for rodents in Strasbourg (Chronobiotron), for mice in Toulouse (Anexplo)


Management of animal facilities, ethical and regulatory issues in 2017

management of a fish animal facility (zebrafish, medaka) : immersion training in March, April, May or October in Gif-s-Yvette (CFE, TEFOR-AMAGEN)

Technical trainings

Genetic engineering in 2017

in vivo CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing : courses in English, March 9-10 or November 9-10 in Illkirch-Strasbourg (CFE, PHENOMIN-ICS)
rat transgenesis seminary : May 11-12 in Nantes (TRIP, SFR François Bonamy, Biogenouest, TEFOR and IBiSA
◊ transgenesis in rat model : customized training in Nantes (TRIP)
breeding, behaviour and transgenesis of fish models: zebrafish and medaka : March 28-31 or November 14-17 in Gif-s-Yvette (CFE, TEFOR-AMAGEN)
injection and transgenesis of fish models (zebrafish and medaka) : immersion trainings in March, April, May or October in Gif-s-Yvette (CFE, TEFOR-AMAGEN)
◊ genetic analysis : on request, Lyon (AniRA)
◊ customized transgenesis : on mouse and zebrafish models in Toulouse (Anexplo); on drosophila model in Clermont-Ferrand (Fly Facility)


Model analysis in 2017

◊ mouse models for diseases: phenotyping approaches : courses in English, March 14-17 in Illkirch-Strasbourg (CFE, PHENOMIN-ICS)
European Advanced School for Mouse Phenogenomics : in English, June 12-16 at Liebfrauenberg in Alsace (PHENOMIN)
necropsy, sampling and histology : June 19-23 in Toulouse (ENVT, Anexplo)
normal and abnormal embryology of laboratory animals : March 13-17 + May 29 to June 3 + Décember 4-8 in Toulouse (ENVT, Anexplo)


Cytometry in 2017

flow, mass and spectral cytometry and tools for multiparametric datas analysis : in 2 phases (INSERM, PHENOMIN-CIPHE, AniRA)
▪ Theoretical phase : September 25-27 in Bordeaux
▪ Practical phase : October 2-4 in Fontenay-aux-Roses or October 9-11 in Lyon or October 17-20 in Marseille


Imaging in 2017

small animal imaging : November 6-10 in Orléans (CFE, PHENOMIN-TAAM)
◊ ultrasound scan : thoracic and abdominal ultrasound on human phantom and on non-human primate: September 11-12 in Rousset-s-Arc (SdP)
◊ transparisation (CLARITY, One-for-All, iDisco) : customized training in Gif-s-Yvette (TEFOR Core Facility)
◊ screening by biphotonic microscopy linked to a vibratome : customized training in Gif-s-Yvette (TEFOR Core Facility)


Cell culture in 2017

detection of mycoplasms in the cultures of cellular lines : March 23 or October 18 in Illkirch-Strasbourg (CFE, PHENOMIN-ICS)
◊ technical assessment of pluripotent stem cells : customized training in Lyon (AniRA)


Cristallography in 2017

structural study of proteins by X-ray cristallography : du 17 au 19 octobre à Lyon (CFE, AniRA)


Cryopreservation in 2017

tool to preserve mouse lines : November 22-24 in Orléans (CFE, PHENOMIN-TAAM)
◊ cryopreservation in mouse model : customized training in Toulouse (Anexplo) or in Lyon (AniRA)


Neurosciences in 2017

general surgery of the laboratory animal with application to neurobiology (neuroanatomy, neuro-histology and neurosurgery) : neurology module, April 3-7 and June 12-13 in Toulouse (ENVT, Anexplo)
neurosurgery on rodent model : dates not defined, Marseille (CE2F-PRIM, NSRepair)
insertion of microelectrodes on primates : April 24-26, Marseille (CE2F-PRIM, Blackrock Microsystems)

Trainings in quality process

Quality in 2017

the quality, a tool for management and continuous improvement : March 23-24 in Orléans (CFE, PHENOMIN-TAAM)