Création, ELevage, PHEnotypage, DIstribution et Archivage d'organismes modèles

Modèles génétiquement modifiés

Souris et Rat génétiquement modifiés

Genetic mouse models: PhenominPhenomin-ICS, Phenomin-CIPHE, Phenomin-TAAM, Anexplo, AniRA, TACGene

Genetic rat models: Phenomin-ICS, TRIP, TACGene

Modèles génétiques non-mammifères

Drosophila: Fly Facility, Tefor Paris SaclayTACGene

Zebrafish: TACGene, Tefor Paris Saclay, Anexplo

Xenopus: TACGene, Tefor Paris Saclay

Medaka: TACGene, Tefor Paris Saclay

Lignées reportrices Souris et Rats

Celphedia centers propose a wide range of reporter rodent lines to evaluate the effects of genetic modifications in specific target tissues or cell lines.

​Cre deleter mouse lines

Icon Reporter rat list (150,7 Kio)

Icon Conditional rat list (283,5 Kio)

GFP transgenic rats are also available for regenerative medicine and gene therapy (Transgenic Research19(5), 745‑763.