Creation, Breeding, Phenotyping, Distribution and Archiving of model organisms

CELPHEDIA (Creation, Breeding, Phenotyping, Distribution and Archiving of model organisms) is a national operational research infrastructure distributed over the French territory. Its mission is to support academic and industrial scientific community to accelerate discoveries in biology and improve biomedical research. To this end, CELPHEDIA operates in 3 main activities with respect of ethical principles and animal welfare:

  • Standardized service offers, in the areas of creation, functional exploration, archiving and distribution of animal models, necessary for fundamental research and preclinical approaches: rodents with the mouse as the leader, non-human primates and non-mammals including aquatic vertebrates
  • Research and development activity for new technological offers
  • Training courses adapted to users needs either for the use of animals in research with respect to institutional regulations or to develop specific technological skills.

With 13 centers distributed throughout France, CELPHEDIA offers an outstanding range of expertise, skills and services, unique in Europe and covering 3 big families of animal models:

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