Creation, Breeding, Phenotyping, Distribution and Archiving of model organisms


Celphedia centers offers a wide range of services including generation of animal models, zootechny, functional exploration and technical and regulatory training.

The different activities of Celphedia centers are accessible to external users as fee-for-services, research contracts, or as scientific collaborations. Around 90% of the capacity of Celphedia centers is dedicated to external users. The remaining 10 % is dedicated to research and development aimed to improve our procedures or to implement new technologies to better serve our customers. As indicator, the average use for external projects for 2017-2019 is around 84 %.

Different options are offered to our customers.

  • The customer has a clear demand targeted to a specialized Celphedia center who proposes and carry out the appropriate assays and services in agreement with the customer’s needs.
  • The customer has a clear scientific question, but is searching for the appropriate way to address it. Celphedia centers have a solid expertise in different domains and species. Our scientists offer assistance to the project leaders to design the appropriate strategy and select the most relevant assays that maximizes the value of his/her research.
  • An external user and a Celphedia center build a common project which can be submitted to funding; upon acceptance each partner contributes to the committed tasks and deliverables, and both partners share the resulting benefits.
  • Celphedia partner carry out experimental procedures or allow access to an external user for its services, based on collaboration and shared costs.

Celphedia offers professional assistance to tailor your prospective project to your needs. In consultation with our staff, you will have the opportunity to design the project that maximizes the value of your research. Our project managers are also available to help users to estimate the budget required for their project before submission to funding agencies.

The access to Celphedia services can be operated directly via the individual centers of the infrastructures or their corresponding websites. A unique access point is possible for the Phenomin partners of Celphedia.

Most of services to industrial companies are coordinated by a dedicated project manager or via institutional services for project valuation (e.g. SATT).